ResultsOnline®2 is a web-based outcome measurement tool that allows organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies to evaluate and measure the performance of their programs, conduct surveys, as well as manage participant information.






Browser-based Application


Works from any computer with any Internet browser: Explorer, Firefox, or even Safari


No software installation required!

Also allows 24/7 access to users

User Management


Assign users admin privileges and access privileges


Keeps records information and data secure and out of the wrong hands

Records Management


Track clients/participants/patients demographics and process through programs


Measure how successful your program and services are operating

Create Surveys/Assessments


Step-by-step instructions on creating survey instruments


Ask the questions YOU need to know

Distribute Surveys/Assessments


Survey instruments can be administered online or in paper form


Allows for anonymous or records-associated surveys

Report on Surveys/Assessments


Survey results are tracked in your ResultsOnline®2 system


Allows your organization to effectively use your assessments for reporting

Program Reporting


View, export, even print reports on outcomes achieved per program


See where services are excelling and where improvements can be made

Organization-wide Reporting


View, export, even print reports on outcomes achieved by the organization as a whole


Use reports in grant applications as proof that your organization has what it takes to generate meaningful outcomes

Customizable Banners


For a minimal additional fee, each organization's ResultsOnline®2 system's banner image can be customized


Customized banners and graphics reflect organizational logos, themes, or values